The Bells

When the bells were originally installed, the apex of the Nave roof was in line with the bells and therefore absorbed a substantial amount of the sideways thrust from the bells when they were rung, but with the demolition of the old church in 1736, this support was lost.  This must have hastened the weakening of the frame in the new Georgian Church, and the need to overhaul the bells in 1883.

In 1883 the bell frame was replaced at a cost of £200, by a new timber frame inscribed 'George day & Son, Church Bell Hangers, Eye, Suffolk, 1883.' Half the cost was met by the local lodge of Freemasons who paraded in full regalia at the opening ceremony of the new Victorian Church on Nov 2nd. 1882.

All eight bells were overhauled and re-hung on ball bearings in 1953 by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon and rededicated on June 1st. 1953.  In October 1972 the bells fell silent for some repairs to the steeple which was seen to sway when the bells were rung.   A Town appeal by the mayor,- Mrs Nesta Price, raised £4000.  The problem persisted and a new bell frame was advocated.  In 1982, as a result of a bequest from Gertrude Williams of £10,000, the Whitechapel Bell foundry was commissioned to re-tune and re-hang the bells at a cost of £22,000 in a cast iron and steel frame 4.3m lower down in the tower.  They were rededicated on 7th. November 1982 are are now rung from a platform above the main entrance to the church.

Rudhall's Ornaments

some of which are found on the bells.

The Peal of Bells

The complete list of the present bells.

Bell Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Note
1 710 246 Eb
2 740 248 D
3 800 305 C
4 865 357 Bb
5 950 510 Ab
6 990 550 G
7 1070 660 F
8 1200 860 Eb